Wearables, Transformed.

The first IntraOral Wearable for monitoring sleep and sleep apnea therapeutics for key stakeholders.


Continuous Actionable Sleep Data

Advanced sensors provide detailed patient information to vital insights into a patients key health metrics during sleep. 


Multiple Biomarkers

Accessing 7 key health metrics: sleep, oxygen saturation, heart, pH, respiratory rate and more.


Unique accuracy

Biometrics not influenced by light artifacts or skin tone



Daily insights into personal health for key stakeholders



Leading mobile health and intelligent medicine through data sharing

Our Timeline

Company History


  • Company Founded by Asim, Brandon, Collin and Rob


  • Proof of Concept prototype initiated 4/03
  • C.T.O. John Cogan added 10/02
  • First patent filed 12/01

Q1 2022

  • Data Science Director, Seyed Nabavi added 1/06
  • Proof of Concept completed 2/01
  • Algorithm phase 1 completed 02/22
  • Second patent filed 3/2022
  • Prototype validated (EMAY & Wellue O2 ring) 3/22

Q2 2022

  • 20Received first outside investment 4/01
  • NIH SBIR grant submitted 4/01
  • Strategic partnership with MonitAir 5/16
  • Website launched 5/28
  • Strategic partnerships with Respire Medical 6/09
  • IEEE paper submitted 6/18
  • IEEE Photonics paper submitted 6/20

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Our IOW product offers continuous monitoring for sleep apnea patients in addition to capturing other physiological biomarkers on a nightly basis.




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